Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Action Plan

 What is the purpose of your product?
Innovative new software product for the tech fair 2015                                             

1. Who will be our target group?
Our product is focusing on teenagers or young audiences.

2. How will we carry on our research group?
We will use the internet and books.

3. As a group what role will each member of the team play to insure the success of the product
  • Rozita- Supplier of the materials needed
  • Famke- Resource to all the information
  • Nada- Poster creator   
4. What resources/materials will we need our project ?

5. what skills will we need to create our project?

  • The ability to read a software 
  • The ability to create a software 

  • Research skills-
  •  Ask friends 
  • family
  • previous year groups who have done the tech fair.

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